"Successful logistic fleet values safety above all"

We at Royal Star Transportation (RST) are very serious about Safety & Compliance

Every successful logistic fleet values safety above all else. Like an attentive driver, they use every resource to accomplish best practices, proven processes and technology, compliance with government regulations, ongoing research and analysis. Safety & compliance officials always know developing procedures and environments that foster safe and secure operations.

Usually the best way to start is by hiring the industry’s best drivers. Then continually strengthening their skills towards safety through various available training PROGRAMS. However, drivers aren’t the only focus in safety. Our entire logistics culture is embedded with the sense that safety should be the number one priority.

"Smart Truckers must never take their eyes off the road even for a split second"

Our safety experts never leave any opportunity to demonstrate values of RST the company they represent.

After an intensive hiring process, all drivers are required to receive safety training.

Followed by a refresher every three months (highly recommended).

As RST safety professionals, we impart years of experience to active workforce who are usually on road often encountering extreme weather/traffic conditions.